Insurance and Mortgage Advisers
Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

Insurance and mortgage advisers
Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

During the claims process, Premium Finance are here to assist when you need us

One of the inevitable parts of having insurances is at some stage you may need to make a claim and this can be at a difficult time if there has been an illness, loss of life, or traumatic event. Premium Finance are here to assist at this time to ensure the claims process is as efficient and stress-free as possible.

The services we offer are:

  • provide a claim form (if required)
  • arrange for the appointment of a loss assessor (if applicable)
  • give advice on aspects of the claim form and assist with completing it (if required)
  • assist clients to understand the policy the claim relates to (if needed)

Once a claim form has been submitted, the claim is assessed (experts may be commissioned to assist the insurance company), and if/when your claim is accepted, you receive payment less any excess or conditions in your policy (e.g. there might be a maximum amount insured).

Our role as your insurance adviser is to act fairly in your interests. Part of this is ensuring you receive your full entitlement under the policy. We also work hard to ensure you have the right cover in the first place through effective risk management strategies across all types of insurance. 

If you need our assistance with an insurance claim, please contact us as soon as you can.

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