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Private medical insurance gives you the choice to get the best treatment available

Medical or health insurance is probably one of the most important insurances to have. While we are lucky in New Zealand to have a free public healthcare system which caters well for sudden acute and major illnesses and accidents, if you require diagnostics, have a degenerative condition, or require non-urgent or elective surgery, you can be on a long and frustrating wait list. Some treatments and medications are not subsidised or offered under the public health system either. 

Contact us to find out about health insurance options and what is right for you. If you are worried about the cost of private health insurance, we can help find a package that suits your budget. We also can assist with claims and conduct regular reviews to ensure you are still on the most suitable health insurance package. 

Types of health insurance

Premium Finance can talk you through the range of medical insurances and the cover they offer. Depending on the age and stage you are in life, and whether you are looking for affordable or a very comprehensive level of cover, will be part of the decision as to what type of health insurance you opt for. Some policies cover surgery only, others cover specialists, diagnostics and surgery, and others will cover GPs as well as most other medical care. Dental and optometrist services are included in some health insurance policies too. 

How health insurance works

You choose the level of cover you require, pay your regular premiums, and if you need a procedure that is covered in your policy you can sometimes ask for a prior approval, but if not, you can make a claim afterwards. Sometimes the treatment provider can claim on your behalf and get the payment made directly to them.  When you first get health insurance you may need to declare pre-existing conditions and these might not quality for cover, or you may get cover after a specific amount of time with the policy. 

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