Insurance and Mortgage Advisers
Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

Insurance and mortgage advisers
Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

Mortgage insurance and income protection insurance - ensuring you have the right cover

If one person in your household is providing the majority of the income, or you need both incomes to support your lifestyle, it's important to think about what might happen if that income is no longer there. Premium Finance can advise you on how income insurance works and who in your household needs it. In a similar way, if you have a mortgage that is still requiring large repayments that would be difficult to cover with the loss of an income in the household, it is wise to look at mortgage insurance. 

Premium Finance can look at the big picture and advise you on the amount of risk you have, the types of policies available, and the level of cover you would need to ensure if the unthinkable happened, you wouldn't have a financial catastrophe as well. Contact us to make a time to talk.

Mortgage insurance

Mortgage protection insurance can help cover your regular mortgage payments and related expenses in the event of your death, or in some policies it could be for illness or accident or becoming disabled.

Reducing stress in times of crisis by having your mortgage commitments covered insures your family against the potential loss of their home. You can combine mortgage insurance with other insurances e.g. life insurance depending on your particular situation and needs. Call us to make a time to talk through whether mortgage protection insurance is right for you.

Income insurance

Income protection insurance ensures that if you are incapacitated and can't work, you are still able to pay your bills, and buy groceries etc by replacing some of your income with a regular payment. 

Continuity of income should you suffer a short or a long-term illness, disability or other loss of income that is not covered by ACC is very important, and certain policies may even pay if you are on ACC payments. Book an appointment with us to find out the level of income protection insurance would be right for you.

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