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Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

Insurance and mortgage advisers
Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

Needing a mortgage for buying an investment property? Talk to Premium Finance

People love property and while many Kiwis are happy to just buy the home they live in, many more want to buy either a holiday home or investment property, or even multiple properties. Unless you have a large bank balance you are likely to need a mortgage or even multiple mortgages for your investment properties. 

How we can help

Residential real estate can be a great long term investment, and this is where Premium Finance come in. We can advise you on a number of aspects relating to investment property mortgages and this could include: the type of property you want to buy e.g. an apartment, a 6 bed rental in the suburbs, or a bach at the beach; the amount you are able to borrow - this will depend on a range of factors; and also how this can align to your financial goals in life. 

It is really important to look at your investment strategy - this is not only the mortgage repayments but the other expenses related to the investment. Contact Premium Finance to make an appointment today - don't just dream about it - take action!

Why choose us?

1. Premium Finance has access to a wide choice of lenders including banks and second-tier lenders and we can compare investment property loan options which differ from owner occupied mortgages.

2. Our investment property loan service doesn't cost you a cent - you get all our knowledge and expertise for free - what's not to like about that!

3. We do all the information gathering, discussions with lenders, and our appointments with you can fit in around your busy lifestyle at a time and place that suits you.

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