Insurance and Mortgage Advisers
Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

Insurance and mortgage advisers
Located in Auckland - Servicing NZ wide 

From first home loans to multiple investment property loans, you can trust Premium Finance

  • Experts at assisting first home buyers
  • Experienced with all other types of home loans including for investment properties
  • Practical advice and support for refixing and refinancing
Located in Auckland - we look after clients New Zealand wide

Finding a professional and experienced mortgage adviser in Auckland is easy - call Premium Finance

Whether you are buying your first home and need a mortgage, or you are on the property ladder already and either moving house or need another mortgage for an investment property, or need advice on refixing or refinancing a mortgage, one call to Premium Finance is all you need to get started. 

The advantage of dealing with an experienced professional mortgage adviser is we have access to a wide range of banks and alternate lenders and extensive knowledge of the best mortgage products to suit a range of requirements. We also understand the types of lending available depending on whether you are a first home buyer or investing in your tenth rental property. 

Call Premium Finance to book a time to discuss your mortgage needs - we are here to help.

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Mortgage advice auckland

Need a first home buyers mortgage? Premium Finance can assist with advice about the right mortgage product and assistance with applying, while you get on with house hunting.

mortgage adviser epsom

Talk to us about the range of other home loan options especially if you have any credit issues or debt across a number of lenders. We can also offer bridging finance advice and solutions.

Insurance advice auckland

Buying investment property often requires multiple mortgages. Premium Finance can assist you with advice and recommendations so your investment property mortgages are stuctured the best way possible.

best mortgage advisers auckland

When you need advice with refixing or refinancing a mortgage, it pays to talk to the experts. Call Premium Finance and we can look at the options available and best solutions for your specific situation.

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